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New EXPERT Kitchen Tool

New EXPERT Kitchen Tool

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Put an end to picking up hot dishes with bare hands now!

Experience the ease of making hot tea with this New EXPERT Kitchen Tool.

  • Feel comfortable, flexible operation. Simple one-handed use.

This strong EXPERT kitchen tool has been created to safely clip and extract hot inner pots or steamer baskets from instant pots, as well as hot plates, trays, and bowls from stoves, ovens, gas cooking equipment, air fryers, and boiling pots.

This exquisitely designed New EXPERT Kitchen Tool with two handles is ideal for use when cooking and is a worthy addition to collection of cooking utensils.

  • It can lift up to 2 kg with a single hand. For Heavier pots to be clipped, 2 grippers on each hand are highly recommended.

  • Hold dishes in a way you want.
  • Depending on your needs, this EXPERT Kitchen Tool is here to hold steaming, hot dishes that just came out of the stove in two different ways.

The sleek design handles ensure a good grip, while the wide and flat heads are ideally designed can be used for holding any hot utensil easily.


  • Great for take a very hot dish, plate or bowl from container, such as from electric cooker.
  • Durable: Strong ABS plastic handle and anti-skid.
  • Lightweight: About 120g weight and 6.70 Inches long, compact and portable.

Color will be sent as per the availability.

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