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Voltage Detector Multimeter

Voltage Detector Multimeter

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Professional Voltage Tester:

The rechargeable multimeter can also be used as a professional non-contact voltage tester. The sensitivity of the ac volt tester is adjustable.

High Efficiency

 Activating capacitance, diode, v-alert, or auto mode measurement under any function design makes testing more convenient, and greatly improves your efficiency.

Smart Mode:

This smart multimeter tester can automatically measure AC and DC voltage, resistance, and continuity with the best resolution. All of these functions measurement can be done manually as well.

Red and Green Backlight:

The smart digital multimeter has a high-resolution LCD screen, with a red and green backlight, greatly enhancing the reading experience.


The intelligent multimeter comes with a rechargeable battery & charging cable, so you will never worry about power problems.

Package Includes:
1 x Smart Multimeter
1 x Test Leads
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Rechargeable Battery
1 x User Manual

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