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Cross and slotted screwdriver bits for electricians

Cross and slotted screwdriver bits for electricians

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High-precision occlusal degree

The head is precision forged, tightly occlusal and not slippery, stable, and not easy to slip, making the operation more efficient.

Strong material

The entire body of this product is forged with S2 steel, and the screwdriver head has undergone heat treatment, resulting in high hardness and greater durability.

Cross and slotted screwdriver head

If you want a cross screwdriver or a straight screwdriver, one piece can meet your needs.

High-precision concentric shaft

The straight concentric shaft is not easy to slip and wear and is even less prone to shake. It is safe and durable to use.

Magnetization treatment

The screwdriver head is magnetically treated as a whole, which can firmly adsorb screws during use, improving work efficiency.


Material: S2 steel


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