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Professional Super Zoom Monocle

Professional Super Zoom Monocle

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8km field of vision in just 10 seconds

Super Zoom Monocle is entirely made up of technology never before seen on the market

The longest range recorded in a portable monocular

The resolution of the Super Monocular is around 47 times greater than that of normal monoculars. It is the first model to make it possible to clearly see any image within a radius of up to 8km in just 10 seconds.

Allows you to magnify the image up to 16x without losing quality.

The quality of the image is 170x higher than a normal cell phone camera zoom, even if you use the maximum magnification and the point you are looking at is kilometers away.

You can easily zoom to the last level without interfering with the quality of the shot.  


The lenses adapt well to any level of magnification and allow you to see even details completely clearly. It works perfectly at any time of day.

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