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Industrial Grade Multifunctional Self-locking Pipe Wrench Tool

Industrial Grade Multifunctional Self-locking Pipe Wrench Tool

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It’s time to revolutionize Your Tool Kit with the Ultimate Pipe Wrench!
Upgrade Your Tools, Upgrade Your Work


  • Self-locking: Our wrench features an internal spring that automatically adapts to the fastener's size when tightened. It's a one-handed operation for easy use.
  • Wide Opening: Our design fits various fastener sizes and shapes effortlessly.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Enjoy a comfy and secure hold with our ergonomic handle.


Engineering mechanics principle design, three sides with teeth, strong biting force, plus the tightening of non-slip.


Perfect for both home and professional use, our wrench simplifies various maintenance work. Its adaptable jaws work effortlessly with various nut and screw shapes, eliminating the need for multiple tools.


High-strength chrome vanadium steel and head heat processing technology to increase the hardness of the wrench.

Embracing Safety and Convenience with Quality

With a heritage years, our company has consistently striven to deliver cutting-edge solutions for professionals in the plumbing and construction industries. Our self-locking pipe wrench is a shining example of our dedication to providing tools that make your work easier, more efficient, and safer.


Material: Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel

Length: 6 inches: 150 mm; 8 inches: 200 mm; 10 inches: 286 mm; 12 inches: 300 mm

Weight: 6 inches: 85 g; 8 inches: 214 g; 10 inches: 286 g; 12 inches: 549 g

Clamping Range: 6 inches: 7-15 mm; 8 inches: 9-25 mm; 10 inches: 15-35 mm; 12 inches: 19-43 mm


  • Please select the appropriate size option based on your specific needs.
  • Use caution and wear appropriate safety gear when using the wrench.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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