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Beat the heat with a personal cooling system! With the help of the powerful motor and fan blades spraying mist water you can get a cool breeze. Giving you a comfortable and cool relaxing environment.

A USB charging built-in large-capacity battery. USB cable for personal computer or car charger. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly design. 

Humidifying Hydration Water Spray Fan USB Electric


  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL: It is not only a desktop, floor, folding mini fan, but also an essential oil humidifier, mobile power supply, mobile phone charger, mobile phone holder, desk lamp, sleeping light and so on.
  • COOL & DIVERSE: Add water to the top of the fan, add a small amount of essential oil (optional), turn on the power button and replenish water function, help the room deeply replenish water, humidify, cool down, and bring comfortable aroma, so that you can work, study, play and rest in a comfortable environment.
  • FOURTH GEAR WIND SPEED: This fan has 4 wind speeds. Namely 1,2,3 gear and natural wind. The natural wind can be adjusted while sleeping, which is comfortable and does not catch a cold, while bringing you coolness.
  • PORTABLE & FOLDABLE: Traditional floor fans are too bulky to store easily when not in use. Our new design can be folded into a drawer or put in a bag.
Humidifying Hydration Water Spray Fan USB Electric

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