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Aurora Flame Flashlight

Aurora Flame Flashlight

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According to the data report on casualties caused by mountaineering wilderness sports in the United States over 21 years (2002 to 2023), 78,488 people were involved in distress, averaging more than 4,900 per year. Notably, one of the causes of most injuries and fatalities was getting lost, covering scenarios like dark, solo, fog, new route, etc.

Seeing the GFOUK™ GPS Aurora Flame Flashlight Help Outdoorsmen for the First Time in Our Pilot Rocky Mountains

With the rapid growth of mountaineering and outdoor sports, there has been a surge in participants, inevitably accompanied by a high incidence of outdoor accidents——Please take precautions in advance updated solutions for 2023

Getting lost in the outdoors can pose serious dangers:

Disorientation and the inability to judge one's position relative to the target can make rescue more difficult. Getting lost can expose a person to outdoor conditions, and extreme weather conditions such as cold temperatures may increase the risk of death. It may also increase the likelihood of encounters with wildlife and increase the risk of being attacked or threatened.

Either way, getting lost in the outdoors and not being able to send a timely call for help can be deadly. Now there's a great solution - the Aurora Flame Flashlight - which ensures that there's no fear of accidents in the great outdoors, no matter what time of day it is.

The NASA organization has adopted the technology of the GPS Aurora Flame Flashlight, an innovative design for spacewalk lighting systems. Featuring the world's first quantum dot LED intelligent lighting system, it produces a beam powerful and highly concentrated enough to illuminate the surface of the moon, providing astronauts on space missions with a clear and reliable view. Designed for astronauts walking outside the capsule and for space image capture, it is NASA's first lighting system to be used outside a space capsule.

Now, The U.S. space searchlight has been successfully applied to outer-sky exploration. It has overcome the problem of mass production and entered the civilian market. It is dedicated to solving the dilemma of being lost and trapped in outdoor activities in daily life, and no one can find it.

GFOUK™ GPS Aurora Flame Flashlight Key Technology

The world's first quantum dot LED intelligent lighting system with an irradiation distance of 5,000 meters ensures clear identification of the surrounding environment under various light conditions, and allows for rapid and accurate distress signals even in the field or under cliffs. Experiments have shown that the distress light is visible within ten kilometers when the signal is emitted from a high mountain at an altitude of 3,000 meters.

The system adopts omni-directional lighting design, which can illuminate the surrounding environment in 360 degrees, providing comprehensive and even illumination for the lost and eliminating blind spots.

The 10,000 lumens of intense light repels wildlife, while bright light striking the eyes of living creatures can cause brief blindness and a feeling of vertigo.

The GFOUK™ GPS Aurora Flame Flashlight not only provides excellent utility, but is also a must-have for survival in the wilderness.

The world's first quantum dot LED light source focuses the beam and generates enough heat to raise the ignition point and ignite flammable materials.

Built-in GPS positioning, through the satellite signal to determine the precise location of the device, able to achieve accurate positioning in outdoor environments, a key to call for help.

Tungsten Steel Hammer Head: It is hardened by quenching and hardening treatment, which is able to quickly break hard rocks and other objects, providing a reliable response to emergencies and enhancing the emergency response in the face of danger.

Built-in knife is sharp, a cut is cut, made of carbon steel knife material, anti-corrosion and anti-bio-embroidery, in case of emergency, you can easily cut any material to escape.

Buzzing alarm up to 120 decibels alarm sound can be at the same time LED warning flashing, longer duration for the love of outdoor people to provide safe and effective protection.

Solar panel has the sun there is energy using polycrystalline silicon rubber solar energy conversion charging fast and effective electric power storage so that the flashlight is never out of power.

Outdoor Sports Safer with Aurora Flame Flashlight

As a hiker, I was separated from the group when I encountered sudden rain. With the passage of time, exhausted and unable to make a sound. In desperation, I remembered the strong torch I had with me and switched it on, and the bright light penetrated the darkness of the rainy night. Fortunately, the search and rescue team noticed the light and found me quickly. The torch became the key to my rescue at the foot of the mountain, saving my life. The bright torch became an integral part of my hiking backpack, connecting me to the lifeline of the search and rescue team.---Oliver Anderson

✅ NASA's Leading Space Technology
✅ Astronaut spacewalk lighting
✅GPS Precision Positioning
✅Long exposure distance
✅Beeping alarm 120dB
✅360° illumination
✅12 hours long standby time
✅One key to call for help
✅Solar charging, never lose power

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