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Composite Multifunctional Cutting Saw Blade

Composite Multifunctional Cutting Saw Blade

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he cutting speed is fast, cut ceramic tile in just one minute! It can save you a lot of time and effort.

Fast, Precise Cuts:
The diamond cutting blade is high-temperature resistant for reduced vibration and straighter, faster cuts. It is sharp and does not collapse, one piece is multi-purpose, and it is resistant to wear. Low Cutting Noise & Less Dust:
The 2mm ultra-thin saw blade does not damage the surface of the object, the cutting force is uniform, and the flatness is good. Low noise when cutting, less dust, minimal debris, and a top-notch cut!

Wide Range Of Applications:
Suitable for ceramic tile, slate, marble, color steel tile, thin-walled pipe, PVC pipe, etc.

High-quality Material:
Using diamond high manganese steel matrix, new brazing process, no deformation, no cracking, safer in use. There is no need to replace the cutting blade frequently, saving working time and improving production and processing efficiency.

Matching Model:
Suitable for use with 100-type angle grinders and stone cutting machines. It is easy to install and use and can withstand the demands of dry cutting and long continuous cuts.


Material: Diamond + High manganese steel matrix
Weight: 78g
Color: Green
Thickness: 2mm/0.08in
Inner diameter: 20mm/0.78in
Outer diameter: 100mm/3.94in
Process: Brazing process
1/3 * Composite Multifunctional Cutting Saw Blade
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