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Torque Multiplier Wrench

Torque Multiplier Wrench

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Discover our new torque multiplier switch

Our torque wrench set is specially designed to offer a time- and energy-saving solution for loosening lug nuts on truck wheels or car tires. With this set of wrenches it is possible to obtain sufficient support with minimal effort, eliminating the need for percussion or compression tools. The objective is to provide additional leverage on tightened screws when a conventional tool cannot provide the necessary force to loosen them.

Use a higher torque capacity

When faced with wheel nuts that are difficult to loosen with a normal wrench, this torque wrench set becomes indispensable. Dramatically increases applied torque, providing the power needed to tackle tight bolts that conventional tools have difficulty loosening. It is an important part of any professional toolkit, especially in the transport and construction sectors.

More leverage for stronger screws

The main purpose of this tool is to provide additional leverage when dealing with tightly tightened screws. It offers more power than traditional tools, making it indispensable in situations where extra strength is needed to loosen difficult screws. Its reliable performance and ability to handle difficult tasks make it a valuable asset in demanding work environments.

Technical specifications

Torque: 350 Nm (approx. 255 Nm/ft)
Gear ratio: 1:18
Gear size: 1/2 inch
Sockets: 17 mm, 19 mm and 21 mm

The product includes

1 * Special 1/2 inch square torque converter (range 0 to 320 Nm) (ratio 1:16)
1 * 1/2 inch square crank
1 * 1/2 inch commercial 17mm square socket
1 * Socket 19mm 1/2 inch commercial square socket
1 * 21mm 1/2 inch commercial square socket
1 * Storage box

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