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Angle Grinder Conversion Universal Head Set

Angle Grinder Conversion Universal Head Set

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The Angle Grinder Conversion Universal Head Set is a versatile tool that can be used to convert your angle grinder into a variety of other tools, including a cutting machine, polishing machine, and polishing machine.

Main Features

⏩️ All In One 

It can be more than just an angle grinder, it can be converted into a cutter and grinder, capable of opening, grinding, polishing, and sawing, all in one.

⏩️ Lightweight & Portable

Compact size and lightweight,one-handed and to take everywhere with you.

⏩️ High-Quality Durable Material

Made of metal, high hardness, low-temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, strong impact resistance, and long service life.


⏩️ Easy To Use

Reciprocating 3° saw oscillating cutting working principle, easy to handle and simple to install.

⏩️ Save Work Effort

High strength drive pendulum for more effortless operation.

⏩️ Broad Versatility

The universal accessory interface is designed for easy accessory switching and is compatible with the mainstream accessory specifications on the market, making it suitable for multi-scene work.

Using Methods


Material: Metal

Product Size:

Note - We only provide attachment not the machine 

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