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5 in 1 Wall Stud Detector

5 in 1 Wall Stud Detector

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Drill and Break Walls Without the Danger of Ruining a Wire or Pipe!

When it comes to drilling or breaking through a wall, it's very important to be careful not to end up catching a wire or pipe and ruining the structure of your home, causing a huge headache and a lot of mess.

With this in mind, the Professional Wall Scanner was developed, a scanner that lets you know exactly what is behind your wall by detecting various types of materials.

Intelligent Material and Wire Detection

Its technological laser detection system allows you to detect beams, PVC pipes, wiring and wood up to 12 centimeters deep and can be adjusted according to your needs, showing exactly how deep the material is.

As well as detecting, it also shows you exactly what type of material is there, making your job easier and saving you time.

Interactive LCD Display

It has an interactive and easy-to-understand LDC screen, which allows you to easily read and understand the information displayed by the scanner, such as the type of material detected, distance and battery level.

It also has buttons for changing modes, so you can detect only one type of material and also adjust the detection distance.

Super easy to use

Our scanner helps you by beeping when it detects material in your wall, helping you to work without damaging any wiring.

It's also a very efficient tool for practically any activity in your home that involves drilling or breaking through walls!

  • Made of Durable Material: With its housing made of ABS Engineering Plastic, our equipment is highly resistant to breakage, shocks and impacts;
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: With a 2000Mah technological battery you can work without worrying about charging time, lasting around 1 month each charge;
  • IP64 protection: The device is completely shielded against water and dust, guaranteeing good efficiency anywhere.


Model: Professional Metal Wall Scanner PVC Pipe Wood and Wiring
Brand: ScanWall
Detection Depth: 12CM
Materials Detected: Metals, PVC Pipe, Wood and Wiring
LCD display
Made from ABS engineering plastic
Various detection modes and settings

Package contents
1 Professional Wall Scanner for Metals PVC Pipe Wood and Wiring
1 Charging cable
1 instruction manual
1 Box

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